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Tenant B

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    [text* 3-Dog-Breed-Pets placeholder “Breed”]

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    [tel 2-Phone-Emergency-Contact placeholder “Phone:”]

    [text 2-Relation-Emergency-Contact placeholder “Relationship:”]

    [text 3-Name-Emergency-Contact placeholder “Name:”]

    [tel 3-Phone-Emergency-Contact placeholder “Phone:”]

    [text 3-Relation-Emergency-Contact placeholder “Relationship:”]

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    TENANCY WILL BE DENIED if there is misrepresented information on any aspect of the application. If misrepresentations are found after the rental agreement is signed, your rental agreement will be terminated.

    This is to advise that I the applicant give the Agent to whom my application has been submitted, permission to obtain a consumer credit report, conduct a background check, and reference check, and make any other inquiries as deemed necessary in determining eligibility for tenancy.

    This document does not form a “tenancy”, it is an offer to rent subject to the landlord’s approval based on information supplied and other possible applicants and offers pending.

    [text 2-Primary-Applicants-Signature placeholder “Primary Applicants Signature:”]


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